Professor Williams was struggling with a 1.9GPA his freshman year in high school which ultimately lead to a 5-6 year academic struggle. He went on to score low on SATs and the College Placement test with remedial classes everywhere.  Fast forward to the present he is now a 3-time business owner, professor and international speaker. In this authentic keynote Professor Williams will share personal stories and lessons that started at his grandmother's kitchen table. This keynote will make you laugh, cry and dance to help build brand new leaders for your campus or school. Lastly, learn about the crime his freshman year in college that ultimately redirected his life forever. Students will leave feeling prepared to create a culture of compassion and the ability to always bounce back no matter what!


6 Views From Drake to Help With Branding

Drake is an artist running his genre of music and beyond. He has turned himself into a global brand.  Anything he touches, approves or drops, hits the top of billboard charts fast. As a professor of business I have decided to deconstruct the works of Drake with the world of marketing and branding.  Students will leave this presentaton with a clear understanding of how to market themselves, clubs and organizations effectively on their campuses. We will enjoy music, lyrics and interactive workshops all around the global star Drake.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Effective branding for students entering the future workforce.

  • Gain new ideas to Improve involvement and promotion of events and student organizations on campus

  • Understand marketing techniques for personal branding

  • Learn the importance of collobaration, leadership and strong teams

Turning Criticism Into Greatness: The Study of Steph Curry

During the 2014-2015 NBA season, the Warriors ran off an incredible season.  The season concluded with a championship banner being raised above the rafters.  They weren’t his best performances, but Steph Curry played a huge part in winning the championship.  Back in 2007, I told my barber to hit channel 2 for a Davidson game.  The barbershop laughed at me, but in all honesty, they didn’t know Steph Curry just yet.  Earlier, I had watched this guy shoot lights out against a Michigan team that had bonafide NBA prospects.  Like Steph, you never know who is watching you from the start.  Let’s fast forward, Stephen Curry is having an incredible season leading his warrior's team to a 19-0 record thus far this season.  As a student, sometimes your greatness may be lost in criticism, better yet lost through self-doubt or lack of leadership.  True greatness and leadership require one to fight through and overcome adversity at all costs.  Stephen Curry is now an NBA MVP and Champion.  So with the help of my man Steph Curry, I will teach you how to find the greatness within you despite any odds.

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to deconstruct  for your benefit

  • Develop your own comeback story

  • Discover ways to challenge your organization members and fellow colleagues to win as a team

  •  Learn about delayed victories and gratification 

College Survival Skills Featuring Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar is a Grammy award winning rap artist and songwriter best known for his compelling stories of living in South Central LA.   Each of Kendrick Lamar's lyrics represent stories of peer pressure, drugs, crimes, social justice and mental health which all can be found on campuses throughout the USA.  As a top selling artist we will sing along, recite and deconstruct the lyrics to help students with their college survival kit.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover positive ways to identity and successful use each individuals race, culture and background 

  • Improves personal skills such as resilience, grit, dependability and persistence to help survive in a college setting 

  • Evaluate decision making tools based on culture and backgrounds of each individual



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